Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm floundering. Work has been kinda chaotic since March and where I missed a few days while in Philly my writing exercises have deteriorated. I want to write so bad, but apparently I'm back to my old tricks of just going on to bed because I'm tired. And I am tired. No doubt about that. And a tired writer is not a very good writer.

Work is exhausting. When I get home, all the inspiration I've had during the day just disappears. I make notes of what I was thinking, but that's about it. Script Frenzy was a bust this year. I ended up with 20 pages, which is better than nothing. I guess.

I'm fighting a weekly battle with another office at my institution, trying to make sure that the credentials I receive are authentic. I feel like I'm adding to the weight on my boss T's shoulders, but I need her support and she's been great so far in giving it. 

Today's incident has her now calling a meeting with the person in charge of the office I'm having trouble with and the associate VP of academic affairs. I apologized to T today for causing so much trouble but she wasn't worried. She did say however to not go back on what I've been doing - once I make an exception, then all this will have been for nothing.  

I'm headed to Hagerstown, MD next weekend for a small trip. I'm hoping to regroup, find my focus again, and get back to writing. I need the writing to calm the chaos in my life right now. I may even need to murder a few people, fictionally speaking, of course. 

(Yes, that's my dog Scooby telling me "No picture, please.")