Friday, September 19, 2008

Traveling and NOT writing

I'm sitting here in Asheville, NC watching a countdown of the top 100 songs from the 1980s on VH1. I rarely watch this channel when I'm home (I'm more a Law & Order, Bones and Numb3rs girl) but without the TIVO to tell me what's on, I hate trying to find something to watch. I keep wanting to rewind but I can't! TIVO has totally ruined me for watching television. A voice from the peanut gallery shouts out "Good Eats" as something to watch but I yell back "He's not on right now!" So here I sit listening to music that takes me back to high school. The peanut gallery then adds "You've already made that trip once today." I have to admit that I did revert to high school, or better yet jr. high when my friend L, who is traveling with me, asked if I was 14 when I showed her a magazine I was going to purchase in the local Books-A-Million store. The title is "Cutest Crushes!" and has all these teen heartthrobs on the cover. Why did I buy this? Because Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner from the "Twilight" movie, which comes out in theaters on November 21st, were on the cover. (The movie is based on the book by Stephenie Meyer.) Anyway, these two were on the cover and I just had to buy it. I'm obsessed with this series of books to the point that I can't write my own stories right now. The peanut gallery is reading me the definition of "fangirl", but I haven't done any groping yet. It's a good thing I live on the opposite coast or I might turn into a real fangirl.

L reminded me that not having TIVO is archaic - we shouldn't have to look up TV listings online to find something to watch.

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is hilarious...I tell you we are in the dark ages without this "TIVO" you speak of...
I love VH1 countdown shows...but I'm a geek that way! And you know what being a "fangirl" rocks!