Thursday, October 30, 2008

NaNoWriMo 2008, again

I'm really psyched this year about hopefully, finally reaching that magic number: 50,000, maybe even surpassing it. I purchased today two items to help me reach that goal.

I will be using my Macbook for the actual writing, but I still need to update my notes. I have approximately 15 pages of notes, mostly from index cards during my long commute to and from work (2 hrs) - my BFF hates me now because I have so many notes and she doesn't (na na na na) - I may have to add her to the story as a victim. (MUHAHAHAHA)

I also purchased a new flash drive, 4GB, to take with me. I will not be writing at work, unless I take the laptop with me and write during lunch. When I wrote my first one in May 2007, I wrote it either before work or after I came home. Nothing was done as work, except email one piece to myself to put in that night. 

One problem I did have with the May 2007 writing was that I was writing on two different computers at home - so I've solved that problem with the purchase of the flash drive. This one is 4GB, but there is also one, silver in color, that's 8GB I might have to purchase instead. Any excuse is a good excuse to purchase techie stuff.

So now I can go between the Macbook and the iMac with the writing - I just can't lose that drive!

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

What, you don't write at work? It seems so rife with great ideas! LOL! I am working on notes NOW!!! LOL!
To 50,000 small but wonderful words that create large and wonderful landscapes.