Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I finally had to turn my television off and go write in another room. I'm so addicted to NCIS right now I can't help watching all the reruns, which are new shows to me, since I'm just now tuning in the series. I have the new episodes set up in my Tivo to record and I go through every week and add all the older shows from the USA Network. 

And yesterday I received in the mail the final two discs of season 1 from Blockbuster. How am I supposed to get any writing down when I have all this television watching to do?????

I'm caught up on Smallville, Numb3rs,  and Eleventh Hour. NCIS and The Mentalist both have new episodes tonight but I'm trying really hard to stay away. I need to write a few more words then go to bed early. I'm going on lack of sleep and need to get caught back up for a long writing marathon this weekend. 

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