Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Driving and writing

If the picture looks familiar, you may have seen it on my Driving Is Murder blog. I use index cards to help me control my anger at all the stupid drivers out there. I write down the license plate numbers and toss the cards in the floor. Every few days, sometimes longer, depends if anyone rides in my car, I throw them away. Writing down the plates numbers is how I deal with my frustrations at how stupid people are when they get behind the wheel.

But I digress. I posted the picture here because I do use the cards to write down ideas, bits of conversation, songs to download from iTunes, and other things besides license plate numbers. One reason for the huge pile of them. I buy them in bulk, when I can, to keep my costs down, because I go through so many of them.

I drive an hour to work and an hour back each day, at least five days a week. I have been known to come in for a few hours on the weekend, if needed, and I do travel occasionally for my job. My most recent trip was to Birmingham, AL in September. Since I was driving a state vehicle, I had to bring my cards along with me. 

Arriving home after work, I take the cards I've put in my pocket and see what I need to do with them. During this month of NaNoWriMo I've been writing down more ideas than plate numbers. So I add the ideas to my list on the Macbook then toss the card. Once a song is downloaded that card, too, is thrown away.

I'll go back to the license plate numbers after November. 

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Kori said...

I am not in the process of even attempting a book or anything of that ilk, but I love this idea; I often have a thought or ten during the day, something I want to journal about or blog about or just tell someone, but then I forget; same with songs I hear. I just flip off the drivers that annoy me (we live in Idaho, it is still fairly safe to do that, ha ha), but that IS a good idea!