Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jaguar vs Audi

I decided to go back through my story today, adding dialogue, more descriptions, explaining things, etc. I found a few inconsistencies. 

When I wrote my first novel in May 2007, the hero's dad was first mentioned as being dead, then later appeared as a doctor. I hope I have fixed that this time by making a character list (I did that before) but making sure to mark the people who had died this time. The picture to the right is my current character. You can see certain names in red. Those are the dead ones.

Another inconsistency I found was the type of car my heroine drives. I first mentioned she had an older model Jaguar, one that Christopher, the hero, bought for her when she turned 21. Then I mentioned later on that she had an Audi, adding it was the first car she bought with her own money. Now the character only has one car so I decided to keep the Jaguar, since I love the look of them. I'm writing this book by the seat of my pants, not much pre-planning. So I see now that I have a need for a character sheet to keep track of all these details.

Oh, well. Back to my novel. Finally made it over 26K.

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

Whoo Hoo...I love the idea of putting the dead in red...and I am so glad that you made it over 26K...whoo Hoo!!!

Hope you're weekend is well!