Thursday, January 29, 2009


I finished rereading Twilight (by Stephenie Meyer) this evening. I started the novel again on January 1st and I've tried to read a little bit each evening. Oh, I'm reading other books, like the knitting mystery series by Maggie Sefton, but Twilight was read before I went to sleep almost each night. 

Right now I'm waiting on FedEx to deliver the USGS topographical maps of the Forks, WA area. I'm that obsessed with the series. I usually buy topographic maps as souvenirs of places I've been - Harper's Ferry, Blennerhasset Island, Cass (all in WV) along with Cape Hatteras, NC and Asheville, NC to name a few others. As soon as these new maps get here, I'll be ordering the ones for the Port Angeles, WA area. 

I'll admit I'm not someone who has been a fan of the series from the beginning. I only just discovered the series last summer. I was so engrossed, that after I read Twilight the first time, I immediately ordered New Moon and Eclipse and pre-ordered Breaking Dawn.

New Moon and Eclipse were set to be delivered on June 20th, which is a state holiday in WV where I live. State workers had the day off, a three day weekend. I still had to work, since this is one of the holidays taken during Christmas at the university where I work. I checked the delivery schedule. I was planning to hunt down the books as soon as I saw they had been delivered. 

I was outraged to discover that UPS wasn't going be delivering them. The comment on the tracking page said closed! I immediately called the local UPS office and asked if I could pick up the books from them, that my university was not closed that day, just regular state offices. I had an entire weekend to read these two books and I wasn't going home without them. They said fine, so I dragged a co-worker, Amy, with me and went and picked up my books. She laughed at me for being so eager to get them. She has now read them and understands my need to get them ASAP. 

So now I'm trying to wait patiently until March 21st when the movie is released on DVD. I'm biding my time by rereading all the books. And looking at my maps, as soon as they get here.

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