Monday, March 2, 2009

two dead bodies in less than 1000 words

I'm pitiful. I've written less than 1000 words so far (970 to be exact) and I've already murdered two people. Haven't decided how they died or why, but one body has washed up on the beach and another was found in his home, I think. LOL

I'm writing a new story and just going with the flow. I have six new characters and no idea what to do with them. I've got a doctor (GP), a veterinarian, a maid (dead body #1), a cop, the cop's father (dead body #2), a housekeeper and someone else I can't remember right now. Too many to keep track of already. I guess I need to drag out the character list I use with NaNoWriMo and start writing them down.

I finally made my cookies tonight. I was mixing them up yesterday evening and found out that I had no brown sugar! Well, no brown sugar that was usable. All of if was hard as a rock. So I had to buy new stuff today. It's all in the fridge now, waiting for me to come home tomorrow. I cant' wait.

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