Saturday, April 18, 2009

the start of homemade jelly - and murder

The most mundane of chores can lead to great story ideas.

I was making homemade raspberry (black) jelly today with help from my mom - that's her hand in the photograph. You can see the steam coming off the hot juice. I was thinking that this stuff would probably take someone's skin off. I was thinking back to Christmas eve last year when the baked beans I was stirring popped onto my wrist. Hurt like hell, but nothing compared to getting splashed with this stuff.

Jelly making would make an interesting way to kill someone. Maybe the body could be so disfigured there wouldn't be a way to ID it. Hmmmm.


Mise En Place said...

I prefer to murder with food being the vehicle. Fugu is always good additive ;)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know I adore you both, but I must two are sick ...LOL! Murder by food...hmmm, interesting and has some really amazing possibilities.

Anonymous said...

My great grandmother died by scalding. But I don't think it was a murder.