Saturday, March 17, 2012

An upcoming project - may take on the plane trip to Las Vegas

Looking for fencing ideas for my yard - not liking what is out there now

Looking at porch furniture as well, to replace the rusted pieces I have now - thinking about 2-3 different groupings, with outdoor rugs, to make it feel like an indoor space

Second glove completed for my sister - now to find the right hand glove

Pond Blue from Lorna's Laces (sock yarn) - bought from Jimmy Beans Wool and the book I am currently reading - love the Maisie Dobbs series!

Still working on this one, after frogging the entire thing - I like the yarn, but I've been coming across a lot of pieces that have been tied together - I don't like that part of it

Big storm Thursday came through the area - this is about two miles from my home - the sinister look to the sky was too much for me to pass up with my camera

More porch furniture - loving it very much, but not so much the price, although it is cheaper than some other places I've seen

Lunch spot - nothing quieter than a cemetery for a quiet, peaceful lunch before attending a work meeting

The right hand glove - the one that is currently missing - I can't find it or the cloth bag I had been keeping it in - I just hope I have thrown it away my accident!

I'm also working on another knitting project, trying to get ready for ScriptFrenzy (I will win this time!) and trying to get a short story idea for The Writer's short story contest.

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

It all looks wonderful, I love the pics!!! I understand on the porch furniture, we are looking too and just not finding anything great out there, keep me posted on what you find!!! Enjoy Vegas!!!