Friday, October 10, 2008

If looks could kill.....

...some blood might have been shed.

I was driving to grab a bite to eat before going to visit with L while she was at work. I pulled up to the stopped traffic in front of me and looked behind me. There was a burgundy PT Cruiser behind me with a woman driver. She looked to be singing or talking or yelling or something. No one was in the vehicle, unless there were small children in the backseat I couldn't see.

We sat there waiting for the light to change, being several cars back from the light. She just kept moving her mouth. I finally realized she must be talking on the phone using one of those hands-free gadgets for your vehicle so you could drive and talk at the same time. I will admit I like the idea of the hands-free devise, but she looked like an idiot talking with no phone attached to her ear. Even people in stores and business who walk around with the ear piece - you might get yourself killed one of these days because someone thinks you are talking to them instead of someone on the phone, which brings me to the reason for the post.

I think murdering someone (in a book, not in real life) for this reason would make an interesting story. The suspect could either use this as their only reason, or use it as the reason when there are other motives to kill the person and this one might get him/her off the hook easier if caught. I may have to work on this and see where I end up.

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