Friday, October 10, 2008

While my boss is away......

....I will be plotting murder and mayhem in her office. She deserves the time off, considering all the hours she has been working recently. But I don't like it when she takes off. I miss her e-mails. I miss hearing her laugh. I miss her, period. 

The first time she went on vacation (she's been the boss about 2 years now) I drew the outline of a dead M&M on her floor and covered it with a napkin (AKA sheet). I made the eyes out of Xs and took lots of pictures. She loves M&Ms and laughed hysterically when she returned. I had her M&M dispenser on the floor, a few pieces of candy scattered, crime scene tape (isn't the Internet great?), evidence markers, you name it, I did it. 

This time, I think I'm going to do the outlines of the five of us in the office. Her office isn't huge, but I think there's room to get five bodies in there. And maybe a missing persons poster of my boss, for being gone so long. That will teach her to take a few days of vacation.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

You are incredibly creative and just what to do when you go on vacation? hmmmm????


MysteryWriter said...