Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music for NaNoWriMo 2009

So far only seven songs have been chosen for my playlist this year. I debated using previously purchased songs from iTunes, but I finally decided today to go with all new songs. Most of these are ones I hear on Sirius XM radio while I'm driving back and forth to work. Two hours (or longer) of "me" time to think about ideas and plot murders (of fictional characters, I promise!) - one reason I use up so many index cards - these notes and the bad drivers' license plate numbers.

So far my playlist includes:

1. My Heart Belongs to Me - Barbra Streisand
2. Knock You Down - Keri Hilson
3. Tell Your Story Walking - Sarah Mcleod
4. Me - Tamia (Soul Seekerz Remix)
5. Battlefield - Jordan Sparks
6. Never Say Never - The Fray
7. One Hand, One Heart - from the Broadway version of West Side Story

I'm sure I'll have more. Right now I've listened to them several times. But now no more until November 1st. I'm one of those people who listen to a song over and over and over again because the music and/or lyrics allows me to daydream about what I want to write. I envision my idea, like a movie, then write what I see. That's one reason I want new songs. Most songs, when I hear them, remind me of an idea I had or worked on. So I need new ones. At least that's what I tell myself. LOL

I'd like to get about 20 songs so I can time myself writing while listening to them.

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great list so far indeed, I am taking your cue and have put up some songs for writing too...mostly songs without lyrics though, that way I can just flow with it...

This November is going to be amazing.

Hugs and love