Sunday, October 25, 2009

NaNoWriMo - almost here!

One week from today and I will finally be able to unleash the creativity that has been building in my head about my NaNo story. The characters are at the gate, ready to go.

I'm currently working on getting my outline in order, mostly a scene of events I can use to write by. I will develop a more detailed outline/time line as I write, since I made some notes this afternoon before my nap about two possible spin off story involving the same set of characters.

My character in this one, Contessa, appeared earlier this year while I was writing about a teen age time traveler named Mac. So I became kinda curious about her and starting thinking more about her. I finally decided to write something that would involve her and her backstory, which would later show up in Mac stories.

While thinking about her backstory, I came across the true story of Dorothy Arnold, who disappeared in 1910 from New York City and was ever seen again. So the Contessa is kinda sorta based on this real life incident, but she doesn't look like this real person. I just liked the idea of someone disappearing so I've added that information to her story.

So I've been researching NYC in 1910, where places were, what life was like back then, and more specifically weather conditions on specific days, locations of post offices, cost of mailing postcards, fashions of upscale people and what public transportation was available at the time. I don't need much info right now. All I'm worried about during November is getting the story down on paper. Previous stories I've written did not have descriptions of clothing (unless needed for a particular scene) - I would worry about adding that kind of detail in during the editing process.

I have yet to edit the previous attempts at NaNoWriMo. All I cared about was getting the word count down on paper. But I believe I will take a break during December, since that will be a busy time at my workplace, and start working on an edit in January 2010.


Mise En Place said...

I'm ready for murder and mayhem, myself!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I cannot wait and when you edit maybe you'd allow me the truest honor of reading your work.

Love you,