Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow snow and more snow

This picture above was taken on Sunday.
This picture was taken this morning.

I'm really tired of all this snow. I know, I know that when spring finally gets here, followed by summer, all this stuff will help with tto grow, but enough is enough. I'm glad I have a healthy balance of AL (annual leave = vacation time) to use for days like this. What you can't see is the ice on top of the white stuff. So I called in at work today. Driving 40 miles in this stuff is something I don't like to do anymore.

One good thing about being stuck at home is I can work on my NaNo '09 story. I'm turning it into a trilogy to expand the story line of a character who finally came out and told me he wasn't the bad guy I was making him out to be and that he wanted his own happy ending. So there. Time to rewrite part of what I had written last November. But I can deal with that. I was having trouble editing anyway, since I wasn't actually finished with the story. So now I'm planning three (had planned on a sequel, but not continuing the current plot) separate stories, all following one major plot line, with three separate plots for the individual stories.

This series all started because earlier in 2009 I came up with some teenage time travelers. There was one character in there who was there to help the teens and her background appealed to me and she was the one who won the coveted spot for NaNoWriMo 2009 for me. So I wrote about Contessa and Oliver, intending to follow it with Nor (Eleanor) and Robert and Marcus was the "bad guy" - until he wouldn't shut up about needing to go back to Hollywood, CA and right a wrong that might change him for the better.

So last night I was stayed on Wikipedia printing out page after page of details about Hollywood, then and now. I have several books on old Hollywood, like I do on New York City, but I will have to dig them out. They are packed away in a box in another room in the house. I'm wanting to get my hands on "The Story of Hollywoodland" by Gregory Williams.

This book has some awesome photographs of the homes in Beachwood Canyon, the Hollywood sign, and a model replica of the home that was supposed to have been built atop Mt. Lee, above where the Hollywood sign stands now.

So here's for another snow day tomorrow.


~ Tabitha ~ said...

Now that the snow is gone..the evidence may reveal itself ;)

I ♥ Hollywood history too btw.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Snow days to write...OMG how great is this idea of the trilogy...the snow days paid off indeed to have this happen.

I will say though that I was happy to see you at work today...I miss you when you're gone.

love ya